Math Open Education Resources

Find free instructional resources to supplement your curriculum at

To support teachers’ efforts to design teaching and learning opportunities aligned with the Common Core State Standards, The Open Education Resources (OER) Commons website provides access to hundreds offree instructional resources that teachers can use in their classrooms:  lesson plans, student tasks, classroom activities, classroom assessments, etc.  

A team of Hawaii DOE teachers reviewed many of the resources.  The matrix below has links to a very short video for each grade level (narrated by the HIDOE teacher who conducted the review for that grade level) and a spreadsheet listing all of the resources that the teacher reviewed and recommended for others to use.  

Follow these steps to access the resources listed in each of the spreadsheets below:

1. Go to
2. Click on “Groups
3. Select the Hawaii DOE group for the content area you are interested in
4. Click on “Shared Resources
5. Click on the grade level folder that you are interested in

Grade Video Spreadsheets
K  OER – Grade K OER – Grade K
1  OER – Grade 1 OER – Grade 1
2  OER – Grade 2 OER – Grade 2
3 OER – Grade 3
OER- Grade 3a
OER – Grade 3
4  OER – Grade 4 OER – Grade 4
5  OER – Grade 5
OER – Grade 5a
OER – Grade 5
6  OER – Grade 6 OER – Grade 6
7  OER – Grade 7 OER – Grade 7
8 OER – Grade 8 OER – Grade 8