Mathematics Assessment Listing

Creative Commons LicenseThe HIDOE K-2 Assessments are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Assessments for K.MD.1

Measurable Attributes – K.MD.1

Students choose an object in the classroom and talk about how they would measure the object.

Measurable Attributes

Assessments for K.MD.2

Measurement Hunt – K.MD.2

Students use straws as guides to find objects around the room that are shorter or longer than the straw.

Measurement Hunt

Measurement Flashcards

Students look at flashcards with different objects and ask questions about length and height.

Measurement Flashcards

Assessments for K.MD.3

Graphing Sort – K.MD.3,K.CC.3,K.CC.5,K.CC.6

Students use pictures of living things to sort and answer questions.

Graphing Sort

Sorting Buttons – K.MD.3,K.CC.3,K.CC.5,K.CC.6

Students use buttons to sort and count by attributes and then answer questions.

Sorting Buttons

Sorting Attribute Blocks – K.MD.3,K.CC.3,K.CC.5,K.CC.6

Students use colored blocks to sort and count.

Sorting Attribute Blocks