Core Curriculum Materials

McGraw Hill Wonders ELA Core Curriculum Grades K-5/6

College Board SpringBoard ELA Core Curriculum Grades 6-12

SpringBoard Learning Strategies
SpringBoard relies on research based strategies than can be implemented across the curriculum. Attached is a document describing the strategies found throughout the program. See file link below:
SpringBoard Learning Strategies

Danielson Crosswalk 
The following is a crosswalk for the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching and SpringBoard. See file link below:
Danielson SpringBoard Crosswalk

Avid Crosswalk
See file link below:
AVID Crosswalk

Ancillary Materials List
SpringBoard integrates key novels and film clips at each grade level that are not owned by the College Board (SpringBoard). These materials can be procured from a number of vendors. Ideally each student will have a copy of the recommended novel to work with in and out of the classroom. This is the list of ancillary materials for the SpringBoard 2014 edition. See file link below:
Ancillary Materials List